Aftercare Service

To assist Clients Aftercare Service with customer complaints, investigate problems that arise from cracking (movement) / acoustic / smoke and fire damage. We have also been used as mediators in disputes between clients and owners.

TCA can carry out non-destructive surveys of the built works using a borescope to determine the problem. We can prepare reports on the findings followed up by a full rectification package

We redesign faulty drywall installations in order to minimise the disturbance on the neighbouring units where possible.

Acoustic issues and investigations - TCA carry out investigations where acoustic problems have arisen.  SVP noise transference in apartments, or noise from one apartment to another. Acoustic problems can also lead to fire and passage of smoke issues which are hidden from view.
Cracking / Movement – TCA have carried out investigations where cracks have occurred, this can either be a design or construction issue where the installation does not allow movent in these locations.
Fire damage, replace and repair – TCA have assisted in many fire situations, either for our clients direct or for insurance companies. We have investigated and surveyed the affected areas, prepared reports on findings, followed up by a full remedial package, redesigning in order to minimise the disturbance on the neighbouring units.
Quality Audit on Fire stopping works as Built - TCA complete 'health checks' (Quality Audits) on occupied buildings where over a period of time contractors have carried out works in the building where existing fire stopping could be disturbed and in some instances repaired inadequately