What TCA can provide:

Training / Seminars where systems have been constructed incorrectly / systems failed in fire or collapse. All seminars can be to site specific requirements

  • Maintenance / Facility Managers

    Highlighting problems that have occurred in other buildings – explaining the consequences if they are left as built with photographs of real life situations. This will highlight what to be aware of and identify what to look out for.

    How to construct openings in walls, ceilings and any other problems found will be illustrated in the manuals for further reference.

  • New construction teams – Architects / Project Managers / Construction Managers

    Areas TCA include are Collapses, illustrating responsibilities and consequences if not designed or built correctly. Some where the fire compartmentation had worked, some where they had failed with fatalities.

    Fire and your legal liability will illustrate in depth what the consequences are to the project team if there is a fire and a fatality. Details the real outcome with regards to legal liabilities.

  • Site operatives / sub-contractors

    In relation to real fires TCA will cover collapses and successful compartmentation and also where it has failed. The purpose of this is to get operatives and contractors to understand they are building a wall or ceiling fit for purpose, that must perform in order to protect their inhabitants; and they are relying on their expertise to guarantee them safety.